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JK Prosthetics and Orthotics have been servicing a large pediatric population for more than 30 years.  Not until now have we found such a stylish and well fitting sneaker as the KeepingPace line.  The parents are very happy with this choice over other brands and I even use them for my own brother who wears Supramaleolar Orthoses.  Thanks for the efforts. It has paid off.

Andrew Cinque, CPO
JK Prosthetics, Mt. Vernon, New York

It has been a long-standing problem in the field of rehabilitation to successfully provide or educate family and caregivers of patients with orthoses the proper footwear to seek. Parents often times are faced with the seemingly simple yet overwhelming and frustrating task of getting shoes to fit over their child's orthotics. As a result, parents end up getting shoes that are too big and bulky that causes an adverse effect on walking.  The versatility of KeepingPace allows a proper fit with increased depth thereby making the situation easier for parents to transition their child into the splints.  After all, our goal in rehab is to make life easier not harder.

Keith M. Smith CO LO
Kathy Herndon PT, MHS, PCS, St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri


We have been very happy with using the KeepingPace, Athletic Shoe.  At Shriner's Hospital, we are a Philanthropic group.  Funding is provided to support the care of the Shriner's patients by providing footwear to children who wear orthotics.  We have found the KeepingPace product to offer a stable base with greater surface contact along with the ability for modification.  We are pleased to offer our patients with a resource to shoes that create a true partnership with the orthotics we provide.

Rich Grisard, CPO
Shriner's Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah


I have been extremely pleased with KeepingPace's product. The shoes are well manufactured, long lasting and have a great base of support.  I have been able to lessen blisters, instep pressure and the orthoses does not slide due to the shoe's anatomical design. I am very pleased with the build-up capabilities and the nice rocker.

It has been wonderful having the flexibility to carry the KeepingPace product as inventory. I always have several pairs with me when I am on the road seeing patients. When I am at clinic appointments, I am able to finish my fabrication of an orthotic and complete my patient evaluation right there on the spot. The doctors and families are thrilled to be able to receive an outcome report right away and leave with a great pair of fitting shoes.

Bob Drillio, CO
IAM Orthotics & Prosthetics, Wellesley, Massachusetts



Love love love these shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son was born with club feet since he can out of toddler shoes I haven't been able to find shoes for his feet.When I put them on him he said aaaaaaaa .he is eight and for years his shoes were to tight and a size to big because we couldn't get his feet in them.He asked me if we were keeping them...I said oh yes and from now on this is the only place we are getting them.he is also autistic and wants to be like everyone else.they are just awesome!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Amy DeRosa


I just wanted to thank you for our order of the grey/blue lace sneakers and black shoes. My 8 yr old son, Kovy, has been wearing your sneakers for quite a few years, as well as your socks. He is thrilled (to put it mildly) that now he has dress shoes like his brothers-- his first pair. (Up until now, he'd wear the black lace sneaker, which is great too.) I wish I could bottle that joy and send you some...
Your socks, also, are of the highest quality.
We are very satisfied customers-- and will be for many years to come.

Galiah Morgenstern

Dear Keeping Pace People

I cannot thank you enough for these shoes. As a parent of a 4 year old child who wears one DAFO, these are the ONLY stylish shoes that my son can wear without having to buy 2 different sized shoes. I have spent many hours in many stores trying to get shoes that fit and THANK YOU for existing! We're on our 3rd pair in 3 years and the wear on these shoes are fabulous. I remember when our son got the first pair in the mail, he said "Yeah, I have shoes like Ben," (his best friend at daycare). The toes last longer, the width at the heel is great for more stability and they are simple to put on. A+ to you and your staff! Thank You Thank You Thank You. You've just eliminated one of the challenges we face as parents of child who needs some extras!

Jenny Bulach

The two pairs of shoes I ordered for my son arrived today. I was not expecting them to arrive so quickly. I rearranged the insoles to make up the 1.5 cm lift he needs right now. When he arrived home from school, he saw them. Immediately, he liked them, before even trying them on. When he tried them on - he was thrilled! He could stand with straight knees, and he could run.

It has always been a battle to find shoes for him. He has a congenital short femur, and has had twelve surgeries, so far, over the course of seven years. He has needed lifts ranging from 1 cm to 6 cm. Always I buy shoes, take them into the cobbler, and then see if the shoes will be able to be modified. Now, I know we can easily add the lifts. This is the first time he needed a lift inside the shoe. I was told to just buy a lift and put them into his shoes. First, you can't find lifts for kids. Second, you can't fit both the 1 cm lift AND his feet into a regular shoe. These shoes are perfect. I can't thank you enough for making one battle easy.

Your service also is a joy. I was able to talk to a real person, and a person who knew exactly what I was talking about and who made sure that the shoes I was ordering were right. Then, she was able to get them sent USPS instead of UPS, which does not serve Alaskan destinations well. Now, how about designing some winter boots ;-)?

Thanks so much.

Sue Walker
Mother of Keagan Walker, Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency

We just received our first pair of shoes and we couldn't be happier. Our son is a non-walker and so many times we gave up finding shoes, letting him wear only socks and his AFOS. Needless to say, in the cold winters, this solution has been less than ideal. Our son's new shoes are not only warm and comfortable, but are very stylish and are comparable to the shoes other boys his age wear. This is very important to us. Thanks so much. We look forward to our son wearing KP shoes for a long time!

Mom from Utah

We went to the Rehab Hospital, we are patients there already and I never realized they carried your shoes. I picked up a pair this afternoon. They are WONDERFUL! They are the first pair we have ever found that fit his braces and they are so light, he is able to walk very well in them! For the past 2 weeks he has just refused to walk when his braces are on. With the shoes he is able to walk again!

Thank you so much, I am so happy I found your website!

We got our shoes today. I picked them up at Shriner's in Springfield, MA. They had to put a lift on them. I can't tell you how much easier it was to get them on her feet.  I did not have to twist her leg to get them in.  Thanks so for such a great product.


We received the shoes and we are very pleased with them.  Alex seems to be able to lift her leg more easily than she could with her other shoes.  You have a regular customer here. Thanks so much,


I have been looking for a shoe that not only fits her AFO but her "non" AFO foot as well, without having to buy 2 pairs of shoes!  The build up process is awesome. Thank you KeepingPace!!


My daughter loves the shoes-they fit her foot much better than any shoe ever has and they are very lightweight as opposed to her other shoes from an orthopedic company.  She can actually run in there and not feel weighted down! She is delighted.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I just received these shoes today and immediately ordered a second pair.  Thank You!!!! They had pairs to try on at our Orthotist's and for the first time my daughter's feet did not look like clown feet!!! She has tiny feet with orthotics and huge sneakers. She looked great in these sneakers and she walked better because her shoes were not enormous obstacles that she had to deal with. I can't wait for her second pair to arrive.



To Whom It May Concern:

I am speechless, I never thought I would find people in the same situation or as close to the same situation as me. I can relate to every one of the testimonials in one way or another. My problem is I am a 40 year old adult with child's feet. I go to every shoe store "known to man" and none of them have the type of shoe or size I need. I don't feel so alone anymore.

Thank you for these wonderful shoes.
Plant City, FL

Dear KeepingPace,

I am an adult with Club Feet. I have undergone several operations as a child, no longer wear braces but my foot size is extremely small. I have not been able to find a shoe that is wide enough and deep enough for my feet. I called your office and received such personal care and help, I knew someone understood what I needed.

My shoes arrived today and they are the perfect fit. I do not even need any arch support since the support is built right into the shoe. I am ecstatic about how lightweight these shoes and how stable they feel. Anything I have purchased to date to try and get to work for me, have always had to be oversized and clunky. I am usually tripping over them since they aren't the correct size. Your shoes fit so perfect, I know these are going to work for me.

I am so happy-I will be ordering all the colors.

Thanks Again,