How to modify the KeepingPace Shoe:
Build-up Process
The sole of KeepingPace Children's Footwear was expressly designed to facilitate the modification, buildup and fabrication process. Utilizing a range of RUVA, and crepe you can quickly and easily modify the KeepingPace Children's shoe to meet the patient's needs.

The outsole of the KeepingPace Children's shoe is a combination of a RUVA shell with a rubber outsole permanently molded to the RUVA. The RUVA is lightweight, flexible and provides excellent cushioning, while the rubber outsole provides outstanding resistance to abrasion. The RUVA shell is solid RUVA - there are no weight-relief holes in the heel to cause problems when making a modification.

Getting started...
Separating the sole is the first step in the modification process. When looking at the sole in profile you will notice a line which extends around the side of the RUVA shell. This line is the "cut" line, which is the guideline to use when cutting and separating the sole from the shoe. Cut along this line with either a band saw or knife to make a smooth separation.

Once this is completed, lightly smooth the cut surfaces of each part to create a smooth surface. As a general rule, all the surfaces prepared for bonding should be roughed and then cleaned. Proceed as you normally would to complete the buildup/elevation process and re-cement the outsole to the built-up shoe.